How to Find Free Stuff on the Internet

How to Find Free Stuff on the Internet

How to Find Free Stuff on the Internet
Those surfing the internet for free stuff have many avenues they can take without encountering scams, or fraudulent offers. There’s a variety of items that people can receive free of cost, via the internet. Those items can include iPads, laptops, and cell phones. Other interesting stuff people can get for free are anti-virus software, clothing, books, magazines, dining coupons, music downloads, smartphone apps, rare photos, antiques, movie & television streaming, and travel-sized grooming products. It can take some time to find legit websites with free stuff, but there are a number of them that are worth looking into.

Suggested methods to receive free items online involve filling out surveys, enrolling in online sweepstakes, or becoming a product reviewer. Anyone interested in completing surveys can do so by dedicating some of their time to sign up for a variety of survey sites. By completing several surveys a day; individuals can earn gift cards, entertainment coupons, and free gadgets. Survey websites like Opinionit, Survey Trends, Refund Sweepers, Pinterest, Swag Bucks, Inbox Dollars, and Cash Crate all have great offers for their members. Signing up to become a product reviewer can be an easy way to receive free items. BZZAgent is a product review site that rewards its members with gifts cards in exchange for sampling and reviewing brand new products. Moreover, Bzz Agents have the unique opportunity to try interesting items before they hit the market. Some should also consider joining the Amazon Vine product review program. Members of this program receive items in the mail to write a review for. Once the review is approved, they can keep those items.

There are a number of websites that are simple to navigate for free items. Craigslist is a classified ad website that has a section for people that are giving away their stuff. Craigslist users may come across free entertainment centers, furniture, clothes, or television sets. Ebay is also a good website to find some free cool items. Ebay has a classified ad sub-site with a section for free items. The free stuff category has books, used auto parts, entertainment gadgets, fashion accessories, etc. Another reputable site to checkout is StartSampling. Registered members of this website receive products in the mail to sample and review. StartSampling provides a viable method to receive free items on a consistent basis. Other websites that offer free products are FreeCycle, JustFreeStuff, HouseParty, Volition, and MomsView.

When searching for free stuff online it is imperative to not give out sensitive information, like bank account and social security numbers. Moreover, it is a good idea to read through the terms and conditions of websites claiming to have free items.

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Free Cable Alternative

Free Cable Alternative

Why pay for television programming, with several options to watch millions of shows, movies and other content by way of an Internet connection. Besides regular content you can watch indie movies, bizarre videos, home movies and any other video people post online to keep yourself entertained. So, where you watch all these great things?

Network websites

To keep up with all of your prime time favorites you can go to the network website to watch full episodes the shows usually the next day. There’s ABC.Go, NBC, CBS, & FOX, even PBS has programming that your children can watch online. For the sports enthusiast there is ESPN.Go. The only drawback is that some networks won’t leave the show up long usually by the time a new episode airs the old episode is taken down. Not every show will be available online either.

Paid Specific Shows and Movies

So you want to watch a show and it is not available on the networks station or it’s on a network that does not have full episodes, what do you do now? You can still watch your show online, there’s Hulu Plus, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and, Google Play.

Hulu Plus
Free Cable Alternative
Hulu Plus has a monthly subscription for $7.99 and you can watch anything on their programming list for the subscription price. With Hulu plus you have access to countless TV shows current and classic, plus movies. They even have some programming that is exclusive only to Hulu Plus. Hulu Plus is a great choice because certain show are available as they are playing on television. You can access network television as well as a few cable television channels on Hulu Plus. Also there are A-list and indie movies available.


Free Cable Alternative
NetFlix is another subscription service that cost $7.99 per month. For the subscription price you can watch any show that you find. NetFlix however does not always get shows right after they air. Sometimes shows are available after the season has ended. However they will usually have several seasons available to watch at one time. This is a great option if you are getting into a show that has had a couple of seasons and you want to play catch up. Netflix has movies an televisions shows including some network and cable television channel programming.


Free Cable Alternative
The iTunes software is free to download and prices for shows can vary. On iTunes you can choose to watch the full season or a single episode of a show for a couple of dollars. You can rent or buy movie, you are able to download content you purchase to watch on your computer or iOS device.


Amazon Instant Video
You can browse Amazon Instant Video for free and content can vary. You are able to buy single episodes, season pack, or movies at a low price. If you want to go for an Amazon Prime account it cost $80 per year. Shows on Amazon usually appear 24 hours after airing on television.


Google Play

FREE CABLE ALTERNATIVE With Google Play you have access to content the same way as iTunes or Amazon Prime, you can either purchase one show, a season of shows, or movies. The great thing about Google Play is the content is available on any Android device with your Google account.



Live TV


News channels can be streamed live from their websites. Stations like CNN and CSPAN, all users to access live streams of their TV channel for free, simply visit their website.



Totally Free Content


Free Cable Alternative

YouTube has a host of programming. Some networks have even set up YouTube channel for instance you can watch the Fox YouTube channel or SurvivorOnCBS channel. Simple search YouTube for the show you want to watch. Certain shows will have full episodes while others will show clips of the video you want to see.




Free Cable Alternative

Vimeo is twofold, they do have a lot of free content but there is some content that you will need to pay for. Typically the program is indie in nature. Vimeo is similar to YouTube in that there are certain channels for filmmakers and artist.




Free Cable Alternative

Crackle is owned by Sony Entertainment Pictures. You can catch some classic television shows and movies. There are also some new b-list titles. Crackle does however show commercials during the programming.


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Thieves can and will hide behind freebie offers, and we are all considered to be “prey”

Thieves can and will hide behind freebie offers, and we are all considered to be “prey”, because who doesn’t love free stuff?

avoid getting ripped off on freebie sites
To avoid getting ripped off on freebie sites, you just need to keep a few important tips in mind.
Tip #1:
Paying for something doesn’t make it free – so don’t do it.
No shipping costs or processing fees will be attached to a legitimate free offer.
Avoid “free trial offers”, as these are usually scams to get access to your credit card information, and if you have ever fallen prey to this, you know how difficult and frustrating it is to cancel, after the “free trial” period is over.
Tip #2:
Review the reliability the website offering the freebie
Large corporations, like Kraft and Walmart, are known to give away tons of freebies, to promote a new product, and in addition, they have the financial resources to be able to send legitimate freebies, to their current and potentially new customers.
Other companies that are just starting out may also give out low-cost freebies; that are legit, like a magnet and pen that will have the company’s information printed on it. This is a win-win situation, as you get a free item, and the company’s name and services are advertised.
Basically, you want to avoid getting ripped off, by staying away from sites that do not look professional and that have broken links, invalid contact information and have typos in their text.
Tip #3:
Don’t provide credit card or other personal information
If a freebie is going to be “snail-mailed” to you, it is logical that your name and mailing address are to be provided, but under no circumstances, should your credit card information and personal information, like a social security number, be asked for (or given) to receive a legitimate free sample.
Tip #4:
Sounds too good to be true? It probably is
Most legit freebies have a price tag of less than a dollar attached to it, so a big red light indicator, that you are getting ripped-off, is when the offer is a freebie that has a large monetary value attached to it.
A “free vacation” offer has huge hidden fee attached, but a free trial offer of facial cream or shampoos is legit and logical, as the company/store is trying to sell a particular item.
Tip #5:
Create a separate e-mail account.
Setting up another e-mail account (outside of your primary one) is advised, to use for all your freebie offers. This is important, because if you do get scammed, then the thieves will not have access to your contact list and personal correspondence.
In addition, advertisers will not be clogging up your main e-mail account with junk, as you can be sure, that more than likely your email account will be sold to affiliated companies for their advertising.

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